Nikolas Taverna offers you a great journey into the traditional taste of Corfu
Nikolas Periklis Agni bay
Dishes such as Sofrito, Bourdetto, Pastitsada, Stifado, Bianco ... offer you an unforgettable experience of taste and tradition


Some of our Local Corfiot specialties:

Sofrito (veal cooked in white wine sauce with fresh garlic and served with fresh fried potatoes)
Bianco (fresh codfish cooked in a delicious white sauce)
Bakaliaropitta (local fillo pastry with salty codfish, rice, local herbs, milk and eggs)
Bourdetto (fresh scorpion fish cooked with delicious spicy red sauce and fresh olive oil)
Pastitsada (rooster meat cooked in delicious red spicy sauce served with spaghetti)
Stifado (rabbit in a delicious red sauce and small onions)
Octopus (fresh octopus cooked in red spicy sauce)
Cattle fish (stuffed with cheese and herbs)
Savoro (fresh fried fish marinade in wine sauce with fresh oil, slices of fresh onion and currant)

Also try (instead of the classic butter in your bread) fresh bread with the traditional sauce from local fresh oil, pepper, salt and vinegar and a piece of fresh garlic.

And many more traditional and tasty surprises are going on every day on the "special of the day" board.

Local wines:

Taverna Nikolas offers you a taste of local wine (red or white) produced by the family.

Also try the local home produced wine or your ouzo in the traditional Corfiot way, served with the Greek "meze"

Corfu wine

The Olive Tree of Corfu, having today an annual production of 75.000 tons, is called "ianolia"and belongs to the category of the olive trees that produce olive oil. Although it is small in size, it is very tasty and for this, it is also preferred in a lot of European markets.

Many vineyards are found scattered between the olive groves that produce mainly wine.
The most important types of wine that are cultivated are: the Kakotrygis, the Petrokorintho and the Moshato.

corfu vineyards

The peculiar weather conditions in Corfu (heavy rainfalls and mild temperatures) encourage the existence of rich vegetation. A lot of wild flowers embellish the countryside of Corfu and offer rich food for the bees, which remain active for a long period. The honey of Corfu is a traditional product, which is given to consumption directly by the producer.

The fishery has a very important place which is connected with the tradition and the life of the place, where every form of fishing technique is applied, from the traditional "pyrofani" up to the piscatorial flotillas, the gri - gri, the caiques, with nets e.t.c.